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How's My Driving

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Appointments and Messages

Post for random threads and any messages for Toudou Heisuke. Be sure to label your thread with the date and post type (Action, Voice, Video, etc.). Thank you♥

6th Joke [ Action | Voice ]

[He woke up that morning to a weird feeling. The house was quiet. Usually he heard Tatsunosuke or Yamanami moving around when he woke up, but today there was nothing. And it felt...different. It isn't until he's searched the house and realized the truth, seen the letter and hidden it among his things forever, that the fact that he's alone in here sets in. He hasn't been alone since coming here and it...disturbs him. Still worse is knowing what Yamanami went back to, what Tatsunosuke will have to live through. Unsure of what to do, he leaves the house and sits on the front steps, hugging his knees to his chest, face hidden behind his arms and his journal in his lap. He's like that for awhile before he makes the announcement, his voice wavering.]

...House 40's empty now. ...They went home.

...They... They left. They were here just a few hours ago...and now he's gone again.

...he's gone again....

5th Joke [Written]

[Private | Fail filter]

It isn't fair. Why do they always get taken? Why isn't there anything we can do to stop this? I hate this place. ...But I know I can't leave. There isn't anywhere for me to go back to. Living here is cruel and I can't even tell them.

I wish Shinpachi was back already.


So...who has a pet here? Preferably cute ones.

Can I see them?

4th Joke [Voice | Action]

(OOC: Black type is for Heisuke, Purple is for Okita.)

[On the morning of the 21st, Luceti might wake up to a lovely treat. The sound of one Toudou Heisuke screaming and running through house 40. He ends up knocking his journal off the table and turning it on.]


[He finishes tearing through the room with the sound of a bear grunting and growling after him, and once it's quiet?]

Ooh~ that was better than I thought it would be.

...Oops, is this thing on? Oh well. Toudou-san~ You better catch all the bears before they do something~


[The recording clicks off.]

(ooc; Okita is coming to troll you. Anyone and everyone who hasn't been out of their houses in awhile or needs to have a bit of excitement in their lives? Feel free to react here to a certain Shinsengumi troll having let a bear into your apartment/house/living area/store. Of course, the troll in question won't be around to be caught yet, but Heisuke will be running across town trying to stop the bears and drive them back to the forest.)

3rd Data Entry [voice / action]

[Heisuke has decided that his earlier attempts to contact the lightning spirit in the hot box failed because of one thing: A LACK OF SCIENCE. So now he will be 100% serious and scientific about recording this data and doing this right. To that end, he uses the journal to record his observations and calls the others in his house to come help him collect data.]

First experiment of the day: placing a spoon into the box and testing it for 30 seconds.

[The sound of him putting metal into the box and turning it on can be heard. ]

There appear to be sparks, but nothing significant....

[ooc; Heisuke has lost his sense of humor for the event, so he's going to be utterly serious about this. It's for SCIENCE.]

2nd Joke [Voice]

[Heisuke's reading something and he can be heard mumbling in the background.]

...all a matter of listening properly...meditation....takes a lot of time....

...Time. A lot of time.

[He lets out a loud and somewhat frustrated sigh then turns to the journal.]

Okay, look, there's gotta be an easier way to contact these ghosty spirity things than goin' out into the great wilderness where a giant wolf might eat my face. Right?

Any ideas?

Ugh, where's Hajime when you need that creeper...

1st Joke [Action -->Voice]

[Welp, this is not what he expected. His back hurts, he's been left out in the cold, strange world with nothing but an ugly pair of white pants, and...he has things growing out of his back. And a book with his name on it. Oh, and a ugly scar on his chest. So unfair.

Afterlife? You are officially on Notice. You suck. Hardcore. Like a sucky thing.

But at least you have cute wings. Even if they're painful.

Not sure where to go, he wanders around in the forest, tapping the book against his shoulder before carelessly flipping through it - and turning on the video and voice function. The video only shows flashes of the ground and grass or white-clad legs, but the voice picks him up loud and clear.

---sucks. Where's a guy gotta go to see what's goin' on down below, huh? Ain't someone supposed to come greet me?

Man, I hope I don't get stuck here alone forever. Talkin' to myself is borin'. Reeeeeally boring.

...Whoa, was that a squirrel?